Ordinary people following an Extraordinary God

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Who's Who

  Jonathan & Catherine Bugg

Jonathan became the Minister of MCBC in 2015. With the support of his wife Catherine, he seeks to lead us as a Church Family.


 Minister: Rev Jonathan Bugg

Minister: Rev Jonathan Bugg


Leadership Team

Our deacons meet regularly together seeking God's vision for the church and use their individual giftings to help the vision become reality.


 Secretary: Roger Gadsby                         Treasurer: Gary Winson

Secretary: Roger Gadsby          Treasurer: Gary Winson


 Deacon: Wendy Painter                         Deacon: Roy Shooter                  

Deacon: Wendy Painter            Deacon: Roy Shooter


Deacon: Maggie Showler                         Deacon: Rick Showler

Deacon: Maggie Showler          Deacon: Rick Showler



 Deacon: James Stevens                      Deacon: Rob Wilson

 Deacon: James Stevens            Deacon: Rob Wilson  


 Deacon: Sonja Wilson                    Deacon: Jayne Winson

Deacon: Sonja Wilson             Deacon: Jayne Winson


  Caretaker: Tony Saliba

Caretaker: Tony Saliba



CAP Manager: Terry Salter

CAP Manager: Terry Salter



CAP Manager: Terry Salter

Church Administrator: