Cell Groups are where we can develop our knowledge of God in an informal way within a small group of people.  They provide an opportunity to discuss the study material (normally the teaching from the previous Sunday morning) in a more comfortable setting (comfy chairs, hot drinks and probably cake) hopefully more conducive to discussion.  This provides freedom for questions and challenge, and is designed to grow us as disciples of Jesus.

Each group has a leader or two who generally host the evening.  They will guide group members through the study seeking to ensure that everyone gains a better understanding from the bit of the Bible being looked at, how to implement it in every day life.  Within these groups there will be elements of worship, prayer, as well as study and how to apply what we learn, plus frequent social events.

Everyone attending MCBC is welcome to join a group. Feel free to try them all out first if you can so you know which one best suits you. It is a wonderful way to develop friendships and nurture loving family relationships as well as exploring more deeply the Word of God and its application to our daily lives.

Anyone wishing to join a cell group can contact Lynne Salter (MCBC Cell Group Co-ordinator) or the church office.

Groups and people to contact are:

  • Mondays
    • Afternoon - Ruth Shooter
    • Evening    - Tony Saliba & Martin Biggs
    • Evening    - Elizabeth Wilson
    • Evening    - Youth Discipleship
  • Tuesday
    • Evening    - Pam & Roger Gadsby
    • Evening    - Colin & Wendy Painter
  • Wednesday
    • Afternoon - Barbara Parker
    • Evening     - Andy and Janet Down