Covid-19 restrictions on Church Gatherings

We are sure that everyone is concerned at this time as well as being inconvenienced greatly due to the restrictions on meetings etc. to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.  We at MCBC wish we were able to remain open to provide opportunity for worship and prayer, especially when at this time the message of the hope and peace of Jesus Christ is so vital in our community.  However, government guidelines prohibit gatherings of any significant number and as such we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to figure out ways of ensuring pastoral care and spiritual growth continue unabated.  To this end:

All midweek gatherings are suspended until this crisis is over.  However the office answer phone will be regularly checked and messages will be triaged and responded to accordingly.

Foodbank remains open to provide vital help to those who have need but this will be carried out "through the door" rather than on a welcome in basis, in order to reduce the risk of infection in either direction.  All the recommended practices of regular handwashing, hand sanitiser and the staying at home of anyone with a new cough and/or fever will be employed.

In place of our regular sunday gatherings there will be a short message on our MCBC Facebook page using Facebook live at 11:00 every Sunday morning.  Throughout the week there will be regular "thoughts for the day" as well as updates and pastoral news via email and every attempt will be made to get hard copies of this information to those without IT at home.

In the event of a funeral being needed the guidelines are that small "family only" gatherings be held.  This in normal circumstances will be at the crematorium or graveside.  Contact with our pastor is normally via the Funeral Director but once again, messages via this website or on the church office answer phone will be picked up and responded to.

When everything is over and the restrictions removed we plan to hold a celebration service on our first Sunday back and everyone who wishes to give thanks to God for his faithfulness through this situation is warmly invited to join us.  Details will posted as soon as they are known.