Whether you are young, old or young at heart, whatever your ethnicity, identity or relationship status, if you have a family, are a family or looking to belong to a family, we’d love to welcome you at MCBC.
Whether you’re a couch potato or marathon runner, politically to the left or right, university professor or just out of prison, we’d love to welcome you at MCBC.
Whether you’ve been involved with church all your life, been put off church for life, or you’re just starting to ask questions about the meaning of life. Whether you can hold a tune or you scare the cat when you sing. Whether you’re a chandelier swinging charismatic or a more conservative worshipper, we’d love to welcome you at MCBC.
If you’re enjoying the highs of life or are barely surviving its lows. If you are in need of company, coffee or prayer, someone to ask a question of or someone to give you a straight answer, we’d love to welcome you at MCBC
You’ve made the first step by visiting our website but don’t stop there. Have a look around the site to see what we do and then why not give us a try.

If you would like to know more about what we believe, why not look at our Vision and Values page.