We believe that Jesus came as the son of God to deliver a wonderful message of love, forgiveness and hope. Why not watch the video below of the ArchBishop of Canterbury as he says it almost as well as we could 🙂 .

The truth is that no amount of explaining on a website can ever replace knowing God for yourself and it is always easier to introduce someone in person rather than on a website like this.  However below is an attempt to explain what we believe and how it influences our vision and values.  We hope that it helps.



We believe that God loves the people of Nuneaton and its surrounding villages and has called the folk of MCBC together from all over to show that love to them.  We are passionate about seeing the town flourish and this is the heart with which we approach all the things we do as a church community.  As a faith family of Jesus followers we believe that we are called to demonstrate the good news of the Kingdom of God to all and what follows explains why:


We believe in a truly amazing God who made the entire universe including this beautiful world we live in.  However God did it or however long it took, we believe that the bit God loves the most is the human race.


Sadly humans can be remarkably selfish and not a little dim at times, and so despite constant warnings, humanity has continued to turn away from the way of life intended by our creator God.  The Bible calls this selfishness and the actions it encourages us to do “Sin”.  The Bible says that the relationship of love that God intended for us  in both this life and the next is spoilt by sin and ultimately suggests that relationship with God in the next life is not possible.  It’s a bit like us refusing to operate equipment according to the instructions and then wondering why the warranty is void when something goes wrong.


God is great enough to not be surprised by our selfishness and eventually at just the right time in human history, became a man (called Jesus) and lived a life without that human selfishness.  We believe that Jesus didn’t sin, but instead showed us how to live in the way intended: Loving others, addressing poverty and hunger, healing the sick, and bringing us to a restored understanding and loving relationship with Father God.  This is why we celebrate Christmas, as an opportunity to give thanks for Jesus becoming a man.


We believe that having shown us how to live, Jesus was executed by people who failed to understand his radical love and were afraid because he was different – how often have people been afraid of the different?  Although he was not guilty of any sin, he was executed and died a death that was only meant for those who are guilty.  Because of his total innocence, the power of God caused him to be resurrected (brought back to life in the form intended for the kingdom of heaven) and he was seen by literally hundreds of eye witnesses before going back to Heaven to be with Father God.  This is why we celebrate Easter, giving thanks not only for the death Jesus died in our place but for his defeat of death in the resurrection and the promise of resurrection for everyone else.

Holy Spirit

Of course it’s one thing to know how to live, but that doesn’t make it easy, and we believe that God knows this too, and sends his Holy Spirit to work with us and in us to bring about a change.  The Holy Spirit (if we allow) causes us over time to become better than we would have been without Jesus’ example and his Spirit in us.  It is the Holy Spirit that gives us the vision we have for Nuneaton and sets our values in life.  We will never be perfect, but we hope that every day we are better people than we were the day before.

Church as Family

Finally we believe that Jesus intended us to help one another and this is best done when we meet as a family, so we have church.  We might not need to go to church to become a follower of Jesus but we need to be part of an active faith family if we want to not only remain a Christian but to grow as a follower.  Meeting together allows us to help one another follow Jesus better as well as encourage and support one another.

We believe that our lives are better with Jesus, and we believe that yours can be too.  Jesus said that he came so that we could have life and have it to the full.  Why not come along and meet Jesus and have a full and rewarding life?  We recommend it.