Why Nuneaton Winter Night Shelter:

Imagine not having a home to go to at the end of the day.

Imagine not having a safe warm bed to curl up in at night but instead you have to find somewhere in the open air to sleep: maybe a shop doorway or a secluded bit of towpath along the canal.

Now imagine that the temperature is below zero, you haven't eaten in a couple of days and you only have the clothes you stand in which are soaked through with the rain.

There are tragically people in Nuneaton who don't have to imagine.  This is their life.

We might not be able to change their entire lives or resolve the issues that have led to them being so desperate, but we can offer shelter and a safe warm haven for them during the coldest months, from December to the end of February.

Many of the churches in the town have united, taking a night each, and now offer 12 beds each night.

We don't just provide hot food and drinks, but we also provide a listening ear and are often able in partnership with the council to arrange a more permanent housing solution.

The Night Shelter is held at:

Sunday: Our Lady of the Angels
Monday: All Saints, Coton
Tuesday: Here at MCBC
Wednesday: Nuneaton Muslim Centre, Edward Street.
Thursday: Nuneaton Salvation Army
Friday: Attleborough Baptist Church
Saturday: St James, Weddington (Hall not Church)

To book in to the Winter Night Shelter please visit P3 (details of how to find them are here) or Doorway (details of how to find them are here)

MCBC is able to offer:

  • a hot meal
  • a hot shower
  • an opportunity to wash clothes
  • a warm bed
  • and a full english breakfast

to up to 12 guests on a Tuesday night every week during December - February.

We operate four shifts each Tuesday:

Shift 1 is from 5:00pm until 18:30 to set up the beds and prepare the hall for the evening.

Shift 2 is from 6.30pm until 10pm to welcome the guests, prepare and serve a meal and talk to them.

Shift 3 is from 10pm to 7am and looks after the guests through the night. Normally one volunteer will stay awake and the other two can sleep.

Shift 4 is from 7am to 9am and involves providing breakfast and loading the trailer that takes the beds on to the next church.

How you can help?

Of course to provide such a service requires a degree of financial support to pay for the food but we also need people to volunteer their time as well.  You don’t have to do it every night or even every week, but the more that volunteer the greater the help we can offer.

The night shelter runs seven nights a week, all at different venues,all of which would value your help.

For more information about the Winter Nightshelter please contact the church office.